We have carefully chosen a specific formula of minerals,

vitamins, herbal extracts, and essential oils from

well-known international sources. This makes our

elemental formula unique to anything currently

available on the market today. Our brand name comes from

the elemental symbols of the core elemental

ingredients we’ve found to be most effective when it

comes to Dead Sea skin care products.

M —————- Magnesium

I —————— Iodine

Z —————– Zinc

K —————– Potassium

MIZK Products and the Dead Sea

Since ancient times, there has been reverence for the healing minerals from the largest natural spa in the world, known as the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is renowned for having rich healing properties which can rejuvenate the skin. This comes down to the minerals that are present in the soft sands and the warm waters. If ever there was a fountain of youth, then the Dead Sea would be it.

Soft, supple and springy skin can be yours, if you choose to use products that can permeate all the layers of your skin. For years, we have worked to unravel the mysteries of the Dead Sea. We have learned exactly which mineral boosts will give your skin a silky-smooth feel. To verify our findings, we consult leading beauty experts who have intricate understanding of dermatology and skin care. This level of care is standard for all the products we create.

More than Skin Deep

Would you like to have beautiful skin that has a healthy and radiant glow? You can enjoy the feel of smooth skin, and restore its balance and your natural glow with MIZK. Our extraordinary skincare range will condition your skin, doing much more than simply scratching the surface. We focus on utilising the purest ingredients of the highest quality. Our products incorporate minerals, essential oils, herbal extracts and vitamins. We ensure that these ingredients are sourced from countries who have mastered the art of making them available in their unadulterated form.

When applied, MIZK products will deeply penetrate and soothe the skin, naturally moisturize the skin from the inside, and create skin that is soft and supple to the touch on the outside. We realize that your sense of scent is a powerful stimulant that can affect your mood and the quality of your moments. Our specially formulated delicate fragrances will tease and stimulate your senses, taking your skincare experience to the next level.

Products to Pamper your Skin

MIZK Dead Sea skincare range helps pamper and detoxify your delicate skin. The products are able to naturally seal in the moisture on your skin, and will leave a light and distinct scent behind. Discover what it means to spoil yourself, and experience the lap of luxury with our products.

MIZK will meet your needs

The next time you are looking for silky, soothing and deep conditioning skincare products, think MIZK. Our Dead Sea range will naturally nourish, revitalize, restore and moisturize the skin. Delicately delighting your skin has never been this simple. Gift yourself intense moisturising with MIZK range. Go on, pamper yourself – you deserve it.

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