Amak Biar is a beauty and skincare company positioning itself

as an industry leader and creator of international brands. Our company

offers a wide range of skin care products and cosmetics

all sourced from natural Dead Sea elements. Amak Biar

specializes in products carefully developed by

combining the unique and powerful elements sourced

from the Dead Sea.

Mission Statement

Amak Biar’s mission is to provide the world’s premier skin and

beauty products by combining the elements found in

the Dead Sea with the science of skincare.


We have carefully chosen a specific formula of minerals, vitamins, herbal extracts, and essential oils from well-known international sources. This makes our elemental formula unique to anything currently available on the market today. Our brand name comes from

the elemental symbols of the core elemental ingredients we’ve found to be most effective when it comes to Dead Sea skin care products.

M —————- Magnesium

I —————— Iodine

Z —————– Zinc

K —————– Potassium



Amak Biar offers a wide range of personal care products.

Our product line includes:

Facial Mud Mask

Body Mud

Bath Salt

Mud Soap

Salt Soap

Essential Oils

Key Competitive Strengths

Amak Biar is located in Jordan which grants us direct access

to the materials sourced from the Dead Sea. We have

existing relationships with companies who extract and

collect the mud from which we obtain the elements

fundamental to all of our products.



Being based locally in the region, we are able to source

straight from the Dead Sea. All of our products come

from the elements and minerals sourced directly from

the Dead Sea.



Market Summary

Market potential: The skin care market represents

approximately 27% of the total $170 billion of cosmetics

sold globally each year.

Market Adaptation: The market is increasing. There is a

rising demand driven by natural and organic products

without unnecessary chemicals, parabens, additives or

filllers. This segment accounts for more than one-third of

the $9.6 billion natural and organic personal care

industry and is growing even faster than the overall skin

care market.

Demographics: Skin care awareness and consciousness

is the driving force behind the booming industry.

Although older consumers are still key to the market,

young buyers are becoming more aware of the value in

taking care of their skin—particularly when it comes to

organic and natural options on the market.

Target Market Segmentation: Consumers interested in

cosmetic and skincare products from Dead Sea

materials, but are also conscious of the science behind

why these specific ingredients are known to work. This is

a less “mystical” and more natural/scientically geared

form of the popular products harvested from the Dead Sea.



Aged 25-55; this is a bit younger than other Dead Sea products are typically geared towards.

Interested in holistic/natural cosmetic, grooming, and beauty products.

Values responsible production and non-animal tested products.

Competitive Advantage

As with many of its competitors, Mizk is poised to

become a “prestige brand”. That is, being part of a

commercial movement backed by public respect for its

perceived achievements and quality. For some years

there has been a growing trend in natural ingredients in

cosmetics. Mizk is as all-natural as a cosmetics line can

be, using minimally invasive techniques for sourcing

and packaging its products. In addition, Amak Biar

refrains from testing its products on animals.

Mizk offers a pure mineral/elemental concept, offering

products that, even in the name, describe specifically

how and why they work. No other brand is based around a

precise set of elemental minerals, sourced specifically

for how well they work in conjunction with one another.

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